EduVision 2020

eduVision 2020, 1st edition: Bucharest

Lucrări ICVL publicate în ediţia specială din 2012/nr. 1 ”Computer Science for Future Education” a revistei IJCSRA (International Journal of Computer Science Research and Application)

La sfârşitul anului 2011 au fost selectate 14 lucrări ICVL (the 7th International Conference on Virtual Learning) pentru a fi publicate (Print & Online) într-o ediţie specială a revistei IJCSRA, vol.2 nr. 1/2012 denumită ”Computer Science for Future Education”.


Volumul are următorul conţinut:


Editorial: Computer Science for Future Education and ICVL Project objectives (Marin Vlada, Editor – Special Issue)

1. Case Study: Using Drupal Platform for eContent Management (Marin Vlada and Adrian Adascăliţei)

2. Exploring Direct Communication and Manipulation on Interactive Surfaces to Foster Novelty in a Creative Learning Environment (Alejandro Catala, Fernando Garcia-Sanjuan, Jose Azorin, Javier Jaen and Jose A. Mocholi)

3. An Overview of the Most Important Aspects Related to Quality Assurance in Computer SupportedCollaborative E-Learning (Iuliana Dobre)

4. Enhanced Virtual E-Learning Environments Using Cloud Computing Architectures (Eugen Zaharescu)

5. Interactive Conceptual Maps – a Step Towards Performance (Liliana Violeta Constantin and Emil Ştefan Barna)

6. A Software Application for Modeling the Pipeline Transportation Process (Daniela Tudorica)

7. Verification of the Web Applications Using Sink Web Pages (Doru Anastasiu Popescu and Catrinel Maria Dănăuţă)

8. Learner Clustering & Association Rule Mining for Content Recommendation in Self-Regulated Learning (Ahmad A. Kardan, Nahid Ghassabzadeh Saryazdi and Hamed Mirashk)

9. Context based Expert Finding in Online Communities using Social Network Analysis (Ahmad A. Kardan, Amin Omidvar and Mojtaba Behzadi)

10. Remote Experiments in Moisil e-Lab (Mihaela Garabet, Cristina Miron and Ion Neacşu)

11. The Stimulation of Students’ Creativity by Using Multimedia Platforms  (Maria Dinică, Luminiţa Dinescu and Cristina Miron)

12. Student’s Attitudes Towards Learning in Educational Environment (Svetlana Cicevic, Andreja Samcovic and Marjana Cubranic-Dobrodolac)

13. Assuring the Motivational Climate in the Process of Learning Physics by Using Blogs  (Maria Dinică, Luminiţa Dinescu and Cristina Miron)

14. Complex IT Projects in Education: The Challenge (Ştefan Morcov)


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