EduVision 2020

eduVision 2020, 1st edition: Bucharest

The project “Teacher, creator of educational software” – an European success

The computer aided education is no longer a dream, but a successful reality. It is confirmed by more than 2,000 participants from 96 countries, gathered for the most important global eLearning conference of the year, OnLine Educa Berlin, to discuss the best projects for improving education.


Our country was represented by the project “Teacher, creator of educational software“, through which over 1,700 Romanian teachers were trained to create their own digital content. Through the project, teachers have improved their skills on the development of educational content and the ability to use interactive methods for teaching and learning.


The event was attended by the winning teachers of the educational software national contest organised within the project: Daly Marciuc from the National College “Mihai Eminescu” from Satu Mare, Genoveva Butnaru from the National College “Emil Racoviţă” from Iaşi, Florin Şerbu from the School Group “Carmen Sylva” from Eforie Sud, together with two of the founders of excellence of the project: Mirela Minea from Ilfov and Octavian Roman from Râmnicu Valcea. Together with them was a team from SIVECO Romania, partner within the project.


“We are pleased that this project was accepted with enthusiasm at OnLine Educa Berlin, because the appreciation comes from the most competent bodies and in this way we can take Romanian teachers’ achievements all over the world. We are proud that Romanian projects are seen as examples of successful at European level. By everything we do, we continue to innovate and to put technology in the service of quality education. Romania is a country that produces innovation in education, a country respected at OnLine Educa Berlin, and this makes me proud to be a Romanian”, said Radu Jugureanu, coordinator of the project “Teacher, creator of educational software” within SIVECO Romania, speaker in the plenary sessions of the conference, within the activity “A 7.6 Dissemination of project results.”


Educa Berlin conference and exhibition brings together over 2,000 education professionals from around the world – ministers of education, eLearning experts, managers of IT companies, educational software developers, representatives of educational institutions, researchers, trainers and human resources specialists. This year’s edition 2011 was organised under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and of the DG Education and Culture of the European Union.


The project “Teacher, creator of educational software” is implemented by the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports in Romania, in partnership with SIVECO Romania and has the identification number POSDRU/57/1.3/S/34533. The project is co-financed from structural funds obtained by Human Resources Development Operational Programme 2007 – 2013, Key Area of Intervention 1.3 “Human resources development in education and training”.

eduVision 2020 – a conference with international echoes

eLearning tends to be adopted on large scale worldwide and the needs, effectiveness and benefits of these new learning methods are confirmed by specialists in education.


Over four hundred specialists in education – ministers, advisers, academicians, IT directors and teachers from dozens of countries gathered in Bucharest for the conference eduVision 2020, meant to support the adoption of eLearning and to discuss how to develop education.
According to the echoes that reached 27 countries on 3 continents, eduVision was a success. Essential information about the event were translated into 27 languages, transmitted and received by the major international press agencies, being now available worldwide.
“eduVision is an extremely good platform for bringing together people from the cognitive learning sciences and education with people from information technology sciences. So I wish them all the best, I wish them success. I see a bright future that may be part of a process that will lead us to a different and a better world, especially for education”, said Andreas Demetriou, former Minister of Education in Cyprus.


“The initiative eduVision 2020 is a good lesson we must learn. We all know that the school should be in line with life. The school must be attractive to our students and will be only when we will integrate education technology in all schools in Moldova”, said Tatiana Potâng, Deputy Minister of Education of the Republic of Moldova.


“Back in my days, we were using all our fingers. Nowadays, children use only one, usually the forefinger, to handle electronic books on their tablets”, said Abdalla Al Amiri, Advisor to the Minister of Education in UAE.


The initiative is launched by SIVECO Romania, a regional leader in eLearning, under the patronage of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Communications and Information Society in partnership with Agora Group and the leading world players in IT – Intel, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle.


“eduVision encourages regional, national and international partnerships, in order to implement projects designed to increase performance in education by exploiting the potential of ICT. All public, private and non-governmental organizations having as activity the integration of ICT in education are invited to attend the conference”, said Irina Socol, President & CEO SIVECO Romania.


eduVision is an important platform for disseminating the examples of good practice and for discussing the trends and innovations in the eLearning field. All the participants considered that the event was extremely necessary and useful, bringing into public attention subjects of great impact for the future development of education and the role of technology in education.


“The investments done in education must ensure sustainable development for teachers and school managers. Our ministry adapted the education development strategies to the current needs. Our goal is to support teachers to acquire skills for enabling them to use the new technologies”, said Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed Tobal, Chief Information Officer within the Ministry of Education in Egypt.


“The great changes in education require time and a holistic approach. I have presented to the members of European Commission SIVECO Romania’s expertise in implementing the decisions to improve education and they were very satisfied. Education is the final frontier of digital revolution. I am confident that we will step forward to a digital education and a real digital society” said Florin Lupescu, Principal Advisor DG Information Society and Media at European Commission.