EduVision 2020

eduVision 2020, 1st edition: Bucharest

The Initiative eduVision 2020 for the Integration of School Education into the Information Society

The transition to the Information Society sets a two-fold challenge to the education systems all over the world: on the one hand, IT&C offers the opportunity to use new pedagogical methodologies that increase the effectiveness of teaching, learning and evaluation; on the other hand, schools have to prepare graduates able to integrate in the Information Society.


Given the major impact that this transition process begins to have on modern civilization and recognizing the significant pressure on education systems worldwide, the eduVision  2020 Conference launches the Initiative eduVision 2020. The Initiative welcomes all public, private and non governmental actors that have relevant activity in the integration of IT&C in school education.


The Initiative acknowledges and endorses the principles and objectives set forth in the collaborative process conducted within the World Summit on the Information Society, as well as those established under the European Union’s Digital Agenda for Europe.


The Initiative eduVision 2020 aims to provide active and efficient support for promoting, validating and generalizing concepts and strategies for organic integration of IT&C into school education. The Initiative will undertake concrete actions to identify and promote best practices of modernization of education. The Initiative will focus on those case studies that use IT&C to demonstrate positive impact on equal access to opportunities for a successful career, on reducing disparities in readiness for the Information Society and on increasing the performance of school education from the perspective of a first level of preparation of a workforce compatible with the needs of the global labor market.


From the knowledge perspective, the initiative will provide a favorable framework for better understanding and dissemination of strategies applied successfully to increase the efficiency of education through IT&C, as well as highlighting the obstacles encountered and ways to overcome them.


From the operational perspective, the Initiative supports piloting and deploying those concepts whose implementation leads to positive and measurable results in increasing performance of school education by using innovative IT&C on a large scale.


The Initiative eduVision 2020 supports the establishment of Centers of Excellence in e-Learning, with regional or global relevance, having the capability and the necessary mechanisms for gathering and disseminating information and undertaking adequate actions specific to major eLearning programs.


The Initiative encourages regional, national and international partnerships for launching concrete projects designed to increase educational performance by exploiting the potential offered by IT&C.


The Initiative eduVision 2020 aims to support risk management of public investments into the adoption of teaching methodologies of relevance to the Information Society, by providing relevant analysis of successful experiments and innovative approaches that are validated in major e-Learning projects.


The Initiative supports the implementation of e-Learning pilot projects, for testing and validating methodologies that are scalable to large programs.


The Initiative promotes active participation in international working groups, initiatives and processes aimed at promoting the Information Society, as well as contributions on the educational dimension in relevant international debate forums (working groups of the WSIS, UNESCO, ITU, European Commission).


The Initiative will include adequate mechanisms for monitoring the progress of achieving its objectives, such as:
 The creation of a Portal and of a Discussion Forum for presentation of strategies, specific action plans, methodologies applied and of the results achieved in implementing large-scale e-Learning programs;
 The recurring organization of the eduVision 2020 Conference, with the mission to systematically monitor best practices, concepts, strategies, pedagogic methodologies, innovative technologies in school education and to support participants in the Initiative in adapting global concepts to specific contexts;
 The integration of the Initiative eduVision 2020 into major multi-stakeholder processes for promoting the Information Society;
 The dissemination of the objectives of the Initiative and its expansion by inviting and providing active assistance to new institutional actors – public, private and non-governmental – with relevant experience in e-Learning;
 The active participation in working groups established by the UNESCO, ITU, UNCTAD, UN, EU, as well as in other regional and global initiatives on issues specific to the Information Society;
 Other actions relevant to the consistent pursuit of the objectives of the Initiative.

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