EduVision 2020

eduVision 2020, 1st edition: Bucharest

eduVision 2020 initiative – a response to the challenges of transition to the Information Society

Bucharest, 16.09.2011: The eduVision 2020 initiative was launched during the eduVision 2020 international conference, organized during the 16th-17th of September at the Palace of Parliament, Bucharest, Romania. The Initiative recognizes, supports and endorses the principles and objectives set forth in the collaborative process conducted within the World Summit on the Information Society, as well as those established under the European Union’s Digital Agenda for Europe.


“The eduVision 2020 Initiative supports the establishment of Centers of Excellence in e-Learning, with regional relevance, having the capability and the necessary mechanisms for gathering and disseminating information and undertaking specific actions specific to major e-Learning programs. The Initiative encourages regional, national and international partnerships for launching concrete projects designed to increase educational performance by exploiting the potential offered by IT&C. The Initiative welcomes all public, private and non governmental actors that have relevant activity in the integration of IT&C in school education”, says Irina Socol, President & CEO SIVECO Romania.


From a knowledge perspective, the eduVision 2020 Initiative will provide a favorable framework for better understanding and dissemination of strategies applied successfully to increase the efficiency of education through IT&C, as well as highlighting the obstacles encountered and ways to overcome them. From an operational perspective, the Initiative supports piloting and deploying those concepts whose implementation leads to positive and measurable results in increasing performance of school education by using innovative IT&C on a large scale.


eduVision 2020 conference, the most important event for eLearning and education development in Eastern Europe, was organized by Agora Group and SIVECO Romania, with the support of the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports, of the Ministry of Communications and the Information Society and of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, having the scope of presenting the newest trends in education and eLearning, to define the best practices on using IT&C for education and to create a common vision for the future of education worldwide.


Partners that support this year’s conference are Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Oracle, Sanako, Lenovo, Trend Import Export, Maguay, Samsung, Brief Systems, Litera Digital,, Byblos, Radio România Actualități, Radio România București,, The Money Channel, TVR International,,,, Indaco Systems, AgoraNews, IT Trends, Digital Trends, PR Wave, PR Wave Directory, Medialook.

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